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Vaporized Budget, Not a Problem

I do not know about you but my budget was vaporized in 2009 like when Spock used a Phaser Rifle in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Now that we have survived the vaporization of our budgets we are being asked to do a lot more with less. I want to unveil some of the area’s that I focus on to reduce my over all spending at trade shows.

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Unbelievable iPad Stand

In TradeShowGeek‘s quest to find uber cool trade show stuff I have watched a number of new iPad trade show display fixtures emerge into the marketing.  We have seen a number of inept attempts to actually produce anything that did not just look like a box on a stick.  We do give those of you who have attempted making a box on a stick a Vulcan salute, but we want uber cool trade show stuff.

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Custom Vs. Modular

A few weeks ago I got a  call from my friend requesting me to discuss custom built trade show booths vs. modular or portable trade show booths. My goal is to identify each products strong points as well as some of its weaknesses. For the purpose of this discussion I am going to compare 2 different counters, one custom and one modular. You can take this example and extend it for an entire booth and the data for most trade shows or events that you attend.

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