22 Apr 2012

Awesome Display Case

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So we are always on the lookout for really cool geeky products. When I saw the Laarhoven Designs Pirouet I knew that I have found a real winner. Last year I was exhibiting at WPC my company had built a new 20 x 20 just for this show. Prior to the show we had put together a traffic builder. The theme of the traffic builder was based on The Lord of the Rings and we had chosen to give away Narsil the Sword of Aragorn, The Staff of Gandalf the White, and for the Grand Prize we had offered the Helmet of King Elendil Limited Edition. A week or so prior to the show my VP called me up and asked me how are we going to display the giveaways? I didn’t have an answer for him other than I will find a solution for our issue.


I had started hunting with several of my local display fixture suppliers in the area but they all just kept showing me the same old average looking display cases. Nothing that fit my needs or looked that like it was going to fit in with the design of my trade show booth. After a week I finally found a curio case from Ikea that was going to have to be my solution for this show. There were two draw backs to this curio case, it weighed in at nearly 170 lbs. and we had to assemble them on sight.

So now I had a solution it was actually just the start of my financial commitment. First was the shipping. Second was everyone’s best friend, drayage. Third we had to pay our installation team to put them together. At the end of WPC I had spent over $1,400 on two display cases that I had now made a decision to throw them away after the show.

Now looking back if I could have used the Laarhoven Designs Pirouet I could have saved myself a whole lot of time and headaches and created a usable asset. The set up video for the Pirouet is impressive. All I can think about is how much money I might have saved. As I figure it could have saved me 95% of my assembly cost on show site and 75% in my shipping and drayage. So if you need a display case for you the geek in me would tell you that you should be considering the Laarhoven Designs Pirouet for your company. It’s fast, easy and reduces headaches for trade show professionals.

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