18 Sep 2013

Custom Vs. Modular

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A few weeks ago I got a  call from my friend requesting me to discuss custom built trade show booths vs. modular or portable trade show booths. My goal is to identify each products strong points as well as some of its weaknesses. For the purpose of this discussion I am going to compare 2 different counters, one custom and one modular. You can take this example and extend it for an entire booth and the data for most trade shows or events that you attend. Read more

05 Jun 2012

Vaporized Budget, Not a Problem

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I do not know about you but my budget was vaporized in 2009 like when Spock used a Phaser Rifle in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Now that we have survived the vaporization of our budgets we are being asked to do a lot more with less. I want to unveil some of the area’s that I focus on to reduce my over all spending at trade shows. Read more

23 May 2012

Unbelievable iPad Stand

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In TradeShowGeek‘s quest to find uber cool trade show stuff I have watched a number of new iPad trade show display fixtures emerge into the marketing.  We have seen a number of inept attempts to actually produce anything that did not just look like a box on a stick.  We do give those of you who have attempted making a box on a stick a Vulcan salute, but we want uber cool trade show stuff. Read more

15 May 2012

Trade Show Trash Test

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Have you ever been to a trade show and seen an exhibit that looked like it had just survived a zombie apocalypse attack?  The booth next to you that is being held together with duct tape and bailing wire.  When I see these booths, I always walk over to the exhibitor and offer my professional services, of course they never need my help.  What I am going to start doing is taking my 2400 watt TradeShowGeek megaphone and yell “Hey, Trade Show Trash… get your single wide off the floor!” I admit that these morons have frustrated me for years.  You know the type; we are all tired of seeing and working with companies that do not really comprehend the value of exhibiting at a trade show.
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04 May 2012

You’re a Social Media IDIOT!

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Awesome marketing teams around the world are currently trying to figure out the best strategies for social media. It seems that many of these same teams are forgetting one huge player in the social media arena. They are not huge by the number of followers but by the impact they have on your company’s ability to connect to your customers. The forgotten player is Google+. If you are thinking that you don’t need one more social platform to deal with, you’re an … IDIOT!!! If you are working with a marketing or consulting firm that says you don’t need to worry about doing anything in Google+ … FIRE THEM TODAY! If you think it won’t impact your SEO… YOU BETTER READ THIS!

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29 Apr 2012

A Green Trade Show Booth

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I have read a lot of articles lately about “green” trade show booths. So the uber geek took over today and rather than sitting around watching the Battlestar Galactic marathon I did some research on how I could make the “greenest” 10 x 10 trade show booth using my current suppliers or new ones I was able to find online. I was looking for products that had a low environmental impact and could be recycled or were made from recycled. 

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25 Apr 2012

Cut Booth Costs 70%

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GWAVA is a leader in the email archiving and security software market. We attend several trade shows a year in which we must have a large presence on a shoestring budget. Our goal, when we set out to construct a new trade show booth, was to reduce our overall show expenses. We targeted four areas for expense reduction which were booth cost, shipping, drayage, and installation and dismantle labor. We only knew of one way to make this happen and that was with aluminum structures with a stretched fabric covering. We wanted to work with a company that we could trust and who we knew would deliver an awesome finished product. Read more

22 Apr 2012

Awesome Display Case

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So we are always on the lookout for really cool geeky products. When I saw the Laarhoven Designs Pirouet I knew that I have found a real winner. Last year I was exhibiting at WPC my company had built a new 20 x 20 just for this show. Prior to the show we had put together a traffic builder. The theme of the traffic builder was based on The Lord of the Rings and we had chosen to give away Read more

22 Apr 2012

Not All Banner Stands are Created Equal

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As the TradeShowGeek attends shows and events throughout the galaxy.  I have found one common mistake that exhibitors make more frequently than Romulan attacks.  The mistake companies make is devaluing there corporate brand is by choosing low grade and inferior banner stands. Whatever the reason is for you needing a banner stand you need to remember one thing. The first impression on a client could be your first mistake. If you’re not going to beat your competition and increase sales, than why are you attending any show or event? Read more