22 Apr 2012

Not All Banner Stands are Created Equal

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As the TradeShowGeek attends shows and events throughout the galaxy.  I have found one common mistake that exhibitors make more frequently than Romulan attacks.  The mistake companies make is devaluing there corporate brand is by choosing low grade and inferior banner stands. Whatever the reason is for you needing a banner stand you need to remember one thing. The first impression on a client could be your first mistake. If you’re not going to beat your competition and increase sales, than why are you attending any show or event?

Let me share a lesson that learned over ten years ago. One of my clients prior to going to his only show of the year he realized that the largest competitor in the market was directly across the aisle from him. When we met we designed a very powerful imaging message with a very clean and elegant booth design for his company. While he was at the show he was able to acquire his competitor’s largest account, which was over six million dollars annually. One of the questions that he asked his client was “why did you come over to my booth?” The customer responded “because you looked more professional”. I learned a six million dollar lesson on how important corporate band is.

As many of us are using banner stands for training events, micro and satellite shows we tend to forget that we still need to carry our Corporate Brand into these events. We may not find a six million dollar deal at these smaller events but we still need to preserve our brand. Here are the TradeShowGeek’s four tips on preserving you corporate brand with banner stands:

The Cool factor
• Get a cool banner stand. If you are stuck on retractable banner stands that are fine, make the graphics cool.

• If you are not buying something that is quality you Corporate Brand will be devalued.

• Buy hardware that is durable and easy to put together, if you have any screws make sure you have extra on hand.


• Make sure you do not cut corners here. Make sure you are using products that do not have edge roll or just look cheap.(My preference here is fabric dye-sub print, I have seen some good vinyl prints but I get better results in fabric)

Excellent Graphic Design
• This is where most companies try too hard, Keep it Simple!

Let’s review some basic design rules for trade shows- You have 1 second to make an impact with someone looking at your booth.

• You have 1 second to make an impact with someone looking at your booth
• Images are stronger words, use pictures to tell your story. If you sell gears put a large picture of a polished gear.
• If you use any verbiage the 3×3 rule, 3 bullet points and less than 3 words per point.
• No technical information is on your banner stand. Use your data sheets for that.
• Use QR Codes. I have personally found this to be an effective way to use the bottom portion of a banner stands.

So for your next training event, micro or satellite shows keep in mind how you are going to improve your Corporate Band with quality banners and excellent graphic design. Remember that not all banner stands are equal especially if you’re a geek.

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