23 May 2012

Unbelievable iPad Stand

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In TradeShowGeek‘s quest to find uber cool trade show stuff I have watched a number of new iPad trade show display fixtures emerge into the marketing.  We have seen a number of inept attempts to actually produce anything that did not just look like a box on a stick.  We do give those of you who have attempted making a box on a stick a Vulcan salute, but we want uber cool trade show stuff.

In a previous article, A Green Trade Show Booth we walked through the process of what I could put together in an afternoon to make a “green” trade show booth.  I mentioned at the end as part of my green objective I would like to use an iPad for my lead collection and electronic literature disbursement. The part that I left out is how I was going to accomplish it.  I found an uber cool product from Fusion Imaging called the FLEX iPad Display.

flex ipad display

Let me tell you why I found this product more interesting than speaking Klingon with my friends.  Unlike my friends that still can’t understand “qaStaH nuq?” (You know who you are).  I think that we can all understand the brilliance of the FLEX iPad Display.  The first thing I always look at on any type of display is the overall visual appeal.  The FLEX is definitely sleek and cool.  The two other items that I look for is how easy is it to use for a sales person.  Watch the video you won’t believe it.  The person that puts this together is the Director of Marketing, that’s the same as having a sales person assemble it.  It’s really this EASY!

The second notable item it is able to be a standalone kiosk in a central location in your trade show booth. It has plenty of room for your branding front and back.  Another idea if you put the FLEX up against a wall you could print 2 different images front and back and have it be show specific just by turning your image around.  Many of us have to use our assets for more than one product.  With the FLEX you get that versatility.

I know that you are thinking something this uber cool has a price tag of uber expensive.  On the contrary, I found that the price was around $500.  Now you can buy some box on a stick without any branding starting around $400, or just do it right the first time and purchase a FLEX iPad Display from Fusion Imaging.

This product is defiantly Geek Approved.tradeshowgeek approved

Good luck at your next show!



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