04 May 2012

You’re a Social Media IDIOT!

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Awesome marketing teams around the world are currently trying to figure out the best strategies for social media. It seems that many of these same teams are forgetting one huge player in the social media arena. They are not huge by the number of followers but by the impact they have on your company’s ability to connect to your customers. The forgotten player is Google+. If you are thinking that you don’t need one more social platform to deal with, you’re an … IDIOT!!! If you are working with a marketing or consulting firm that says you don’t need to worry about doing anything in Google+ … FIRE THEM TODAY! If you think it won’t impact your SEO… YOU BETTER READ THIS!

Let’s look into this a little deeper; first we all know that Google is the largest global search engine. They currently preform over 80% of the searches that happen on the web every day. With Google preforming the lion’s share of searches they have the ability to influence the results of every one of the 34,000 searches per second they perform. If you’re not a believer yet, you soon will be. Let’s run a basic social media experiment on the effect that a Google+ account can have for your company with in a search.

First run a Google search for “Banner Stands”. Look at these results. Yours should look something like this:great image demo without google+ on

Second login to your Google+ account or create a Google+ account and CLICK HERE. Now “Follow” Trade Show Geek in Google+.

While staying logged in to your Google+ account and following Trade Show Geek run a Google search for “Banner Stands”, here are my results that we have been able to generate with multiple accounts and multiple times across the globe. You will notice that the search is now populated with your personal results.

Google+ image showing advantage to Google+

So with this social media experiment I have been able to put one of my articles within your top ten search results. I am not an SEO expert but if I am to influence your search results as a potential customer that is following my company, don’t you think this is a monstrous advantage over any competitor in the market.

Still not convinced? Last year Can-Am motorcycles ran a brilliant campaign on Facebook giving away a new ATV. They had a way in which you could enter to win 244 times if you would interact with their Facebook page, Share pictures of you going to the Can-Am store sitting on one of their ATV’s. This was actually one of the best uses of Facebook I have seen to date. I “liked” the page and joined the contest. Do you think I have ever un-like them, Heck NO! If this would have been done on Google+, what do you think would be happening every time I searched for parts for my ATV’s now? You betcha! Can-Am would have been in my search results every time, and they would have been in my personal searches as well.

Can-Am I am calling you out, where’s your Google+ page?

So if you have not caught the vision of where Google+ is heading and you are still being an IDIOT let’s take one more step back to Marketing and Sales 101. One of the first lessons we all should have learned is that it is easier to keep a customer than find a new one. If your customer is following you, and they are searching online to make another purchase, how much easier will that sale be?

Stop being and IDIOT, start being and innovator.

An if you are just that much of an IDIOT, I made you a video.

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